Airbnb – A World of Belonging

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For the project, intended to demonstrate the scale of Airbnb, production company Tool utilized cutting edge WebGL technology to create an interactive globe and map, rendering custom 3D animations in near real time based on Airbnb data from around the world.  Visitors to the site are invited to spin the globe around the 3D space and explore the zoomed in map to see bookings and check-ins, learning unique stories about what is happening at different Airbnb locations internationally.  To achieve this, Airbnb’s tech team created a custom data stream for Tool to be able to access and pull data directly into the interactive map and visualization tool.  The map also leverages the latest technology of the new iPhone 6 with iOS 8. With Apple’s recent iOS upgrade, Tool was able to leverage for WebGL and have the 3D globe and map on devices using iOS8, which is something that previously was not possible. The site also integrates a reactive sound engine to allow multiple soundscapes to play within the site experience based on how people interact with the site that accompanies the animated component. Tool coded the Airbnb-composed music directly into the interactive map, adding another emotional level to the visual storytelling. Reactive sound provides a unique experience for each user, seamlessly changing as one navigates around the globe.
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